Vs Buypower Vs Vtpass – Where Should I Buy Power From?

where to buy power online

Buying power online so as to get one’s prepaid meter credited is no longer a new thing today. Gone are those days when you have to visit the nearest electricity distribution company before you can recharge your prepaid meter. Today, almost anyone can recharge online without any hassle. One good thing about recharging prepaid meter online is that it is fast, cost-effective, and can be done at any time of the day.

Today, there are several payment platforms that allow you to buy power online. Some of them are specialized platforms, in that they are specially built for you to recharge your prepaid meter while others are more like utility platforms which allow various kind of transactions.

While some people prefer to make use of the specialized platforms because of its laser focus to solve the issue of recharging prepaid meter, a few others might have preference for the generalized platforms. So it all depends on your interest and choice.

Below is an attempt to review these top 3 platforms used for electricity payment


best platform to buy prepaid token online - is a specialized payment platform that allows you to pay your electricity bills (PHCN) by buying your prepaid meter token online using any internet-enabled device. While the platform is compatible with any smart device, allows you to quickly make use of its service without creating an account even though it is highly recommended so as to enjoy a seamless experience for subsequent transactions.

2. Buypower

Where to buy power from online-

Buypower is a utility payment platform involved in various online transactions including recharging prepaid meter. To buy electricity unit on the platform, you will need to register on the platform and provide other details relating to your prepaid meter. Buypower is available on Android and IOS stores, and it also has a web platform.

3. Vt Pass

where to buy power online

VTPass is a platform that allows you to make payment for your day to day services like Airtime Recharge, Internet Data bundle subscription, Cable TV subscription such as DTSV, GOTV, Startimes, Electricity bills (PHCN) and many other services. It is another utility platform like buypower.

The unique thing about all the platforms listed above is that they allow you to easily recharge your prepaid meter at anytime of the day without any stress.
All depends on whether you prefer a platform specially built for you to handle issues relating to electricity or a multi-purpose platform.

So which one do you think is the best: or vt pass or buypower?

In my own opinion, I’ll choose due to several reasons:

  1. You don’t need to register to quickly make use of the service. No wasting of time at all.
  2. It’s a lot faster and more straightforward
  3. Nepa customer service is also 24/7.

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